We, the founding members of MTÜ Kogukonna Metsad (NGO Community Forests), need your support.  We can no longer  watch, without acting, how our forests fall, how they are harvested for timber. We do not want to sit, any more, on endless meetings, discussions, contribute hundreds of working hours to drafting petitions and debating in work-groups. We feel that all this work, what we have done so far, to save our forests, is being continuously shovelled to  dustbins, by authorities. We are tired of speaking up to deaf ears. We do not want to click and like, share and tag any more. We just long for one little piece of live forest. Just one, maybe two, maybe ten....it all depends on you, your friends and people who see the world with the same concern for forests. Let's support each other and the forest.

Our idea is to buy forests, that are threatened by harvesters and clearcutting, together as a community. One principle of finding those forests is being close to nature protection areas, as they are the last keep for our vanishing ecosystems. Although, even there massive cutting takes place, clearcutting is more rare there and by widening the area of forests around nature parks etc, we create better opportunities to diverse wildlife, to go on.
We plan to manage our forests, to cover taxes etc, but not by cutting trees. We design a sustainable line of products using berries, mushrooms, wild plants, we offer environment education programmes and opportunities to enjoy nature, its peace and quiet.
We are calling to everyone, to help us. By helping the forests, by saving them we really save....ourselves. So, step by step, forest by forest...we will act in real life.

You can support us also through crowdfunding campaign at Hooandja platform. 

Kogukonna Metsad MTÜ
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